Mechanical Engineering in Biology and Medicine

biomech-ResearchareaThis research area is concerned with biomechanics, biofluids, integrated biological systems, neural control, mathematical modeling, and biomedical devices and instrumentation, and applications of these areas to medicine. Our group is diverse with research spanning a broad range of biological and medical systems: Cellular and Molecular Systems and Instrumentation (e.g. cellular and subcellular biomechanics, genetic and epigenetic, molecular biomechanics, protein folding), Diagnostics and Medical Systems (e.g. biophotonics and spectroscopic imaging, biosensors, crystallographic imaging, medical robotics, microfluidics & point of care diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, infrared imaging & diagnostics).

We also study Integrative and Organismal Systems (e.g. locomotion in fluids, neural control systems, neuromechanics, bioheat transfer), and Tissue and Organ Systems (e.g. cardiovascular fluid mechanics, impact and blast injury biomechanics, mechanics of the eye, muscle mechanics, tissue biomechanics, traumatic brain injury, bioheat transfer in cancer and inflammation).


Associated Research Centers and Institutes



Ishan Barman

Jeremy Brown

Yun Chen

Gregory Chirikjian

Noah Cowan

Cila Herman

Soojung Claire Hur

Sung Hoon Kang

Chen Li

Rajat Mittal

Vicky Nguyen

K.T. Ramesh

Sean Sun

Jeff Wang


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