windfarm-blue copyEnergy and the Environment 

This research area focuses on energy and environmental problems in both natural and engineered systems, as well as in interactions between the two.

Atmospheric flows and boundary layer turbulence are investigated through large eddy simulations, reduced order modeling, and direct numerical simulations of the underlying physics for applications ranging from flow through canopies and engineered systems such as large wind farms and urban centers. Modeling and analysis of energy produced by renewable sources along with their integration into the electric power grid and power grid optimization is also an active area of investigation. More >


FLuid mechanics and THermal Processes

Research in the thermo-fluids area covers a broad range of fundamental and applied topics. A strong focus is on turbulence and its diverse aspects, investigated by theoretical, computational and experimental methods. Stability, transition, mixing, the dynamics of small-scale  structures and LES modeling are major aspect of the theoretical and computational work. More >


Presentation2MEchanics and Materials

Mechanics and Materials involves an interdisciplinary spectrum of research concerned with the study of deformation, fracture, fatigue, and failure of solids at different time and length scales (from atoms to planets) through advanced analytical, computational, and experimental techniques. More >




Presentation2Micro/Nanoscale Science and Engineering

The Micro and Nano research group conducts fundamental research on a wide range of scientific and technological problems related to fabrication, characterization, design and modeling of small-scale materials, devices and their integration into engineered system. More >




MechEMedBioresearchMechanical Engineering in Biology and Medicine

This research area is concerned with biomechanics, biofluids, integrated biological systems, neural control, mathematical modeling, and biomedical devices and instrumentation, and applications of these areas to medicine. More >





Research focuses on understanding and designing intelligent robotic systems through rigorous analysis, system development, and field deployment. More >




Systems Modeling web image smSystems, Modeling, and Control

This research area is concerned with systems theory, including mathematical modeling and analysis, dynamical systems, control theory, and design. More >

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