Soojung Claire Hur

Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Inertial microfluidics, nonlinear fluid dynamics, multiphase flow, cellular biophysics, cell mechanics, single cell manipulations, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine.

Soojung Claire Hur completed her PhD in at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of California, Los Angeles in 2011.  From 2011 – 2016, Dr. Hur  held the prestigious appointment of Rowland Junior Fellow and Principal Investigator at Harvard University.

Dr. Hur directs the Hur Lab on micro-Fluidic Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University. Her primary research goals are in development of microfluidic platforms to understand complex fluid dynamics principles and to translate acquired knowledge into practical applications. In particular, she is interested in studying single-cell mechanics because not only physical properties impact cellular functions but also cellular functions can be regulated and manipulated by physical environmental cues. To study veiled correlations between cellular functions and their physical phenotypes, differential inertial microfluidic devices are utilized because, using such systems, one can (i) precisely and distinctively positions cells in flow based on their intrinsic physical properties, and/or (ii) isolate and maintain identical populations of cells in the designated regions of the channel during the courses of well-controlled external stimuli. Collectively, her research group endeavors to create innovative techniques that have great potential for high-throughput target cell detection, cost-effective cell separation, and sequential multimolecular delivery that are useful for oncology, immunology, gene therapy, tissue engineering as well as regenerative medicine.

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