About Us


The Department of Mechanical Engineering continues the Johns Hopkins Engineering tradition of providing a quality education to students, preparing them to make substantial contributions to the fields of engineering and science. To achieve this purpose, the department’s faculty is committed to creating a stimulating intellectual environment that encourages all students to achieve their full potential. The department offers both an Undergraduate Program and a Graduate Program.

Our faculty members are actively engaged in our research and teaching programs. The department’s various research groups meet regularly to share their progress and problem-solve on individual projects, many of which include undergraduates.

These research initiatives push the envelope of core disciplines such as fluid mechanics and thermal processes, kinematics and dynamics, mechanics and materials, biomechanics, and computational engineering. Cutting-edge applications are pursued in robotics and human-machine interaction, micro- and nano-scale engineered devices and materials, energy and the environment, aerospace and marine systems, and biology and medicine. These exciting research areas are described in more detail on our research pages.

The department sponsors several research seminar series, most held weekly, and each featuring renowned and distinguished speakers from universities, national laboratories, and industry.

The department offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science (in either Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Mechanics), Master of Science in Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy. A range of courses is offered in core disciplines, such as fluid dynamics, applied mathematics, solid mechanics, materials, heat transfer, biomechanics, and robotics, as well as advanced topics within each area both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students can also take courses in other disciplines that complement their individual interests.

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