What does MUSC do?
MUSC enables communication between undergraduate students and the faculty. The Council meets several times a year to discuss issues such as the way courses are taught, availability of courses, advising, and department support.

Student representatives are elected by their colleagues during the Fall semester. The minutes from MUSC meetings are distributed to faculty, and the issues presented by the students are brought up for discussion and action at faculty meetings.

The purpose of the Mechanical Engineering Student Council (MUSC) is to engage undergraduate mechanical engineering students in constructive forum so as to ensure that their academic experience is fulfilling and prepares them to enter the professional realm or continue further in academia.

As a council composed of undergraduate students representing each graduating class, we aim to create an open channel of discussion for students to voice their concerns with regards to the curriculum, teaching methods, and career opportunities.

We will work to represent the mechanical engineering undergraduate student body to foster cross-level engagement within the department.

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Tessa Erickson ’23 Isaac Lee ’23
Andrew Palacio ’24 Owen Mitchell ’24
Grace Nockolds ’25 David Hindman ’25

The Class of 2026 Representatives will be selected in Fall 2022.

  • Prof. Steven Marra, Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Mike Bernard, Academic Program Manager

MEGA is the organization representing the general interests of and facilitating interaction among the graduate students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. All graduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are automatically members of MEGA . No applications, membership fees, or other actions are required to join. All Mechanical Engineering graduate students are welcome to participate in any and all MEGA events. 

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The Tau Alpha chapter of Pi Tau Sigma, the international honor society for mechanical engineers, holds semiannual initiations near the end of Fall and Spring semesters.

Pi Tau Sigma, founded in 1915, recognizes junior and senior students in a mechanical engineering curriculum on the basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship, and personality.

Johns Hopkins Tau Alpha has been an active chapter since May 1949.

2021-22 OFFICERS

President…………….Diana Bershadsky
Vice-President……Mark Gonzales
Secretary…………….Ariana Hofelmann
Advisor………………..Prof. Gretar Tryggvason


President Diana Bershadsky ‘ 22 and Vice President Mark Gonzales ’22 welcomed these outstanding students (*) into the Tau Alpha Chapter.

Top row, left to right (L-R): Vice President Mark Gonzales ’22; Mike Bernard, Academic Program Manager; and Aaditya Rau ’22*

Second Row, L-R: Faculty Advisor Prof. Gretar Tryggvason, Alexander Klein ’22*, and Kathy Cao ’23*

Third Row L-R: Xiao Alan Yu ’22*, Maxim Daud ’22*, and President Diana Bershadsky ’22

Bottom Row: Junxiang Wang ’23*.

Current Members Not Pictured: Secretary Ariana Hofelmann ’22; Alan Huang ’22,, Hojun Lee ’22, Gwendolyn Tsai ’22,  and Neha Sangana ’22.


President Diana Bershadsky ‘ 22 , Vice President Mark Gonzales ’22, and Secretary Ariana Hofelmann ’22 welcomed these outstanding students (*) into the Tau Alpha Chapter.

Top row, left to right (L-R): President Diana Bershadsky ’22; Mike Bernard, Academic Program Manager; and Vice President Mark Gonzales ’22

Second Row, L-R: Secretary Ariana Hofelmann ’22; Marcus Montisano ’23*, Jack Albin ’22*

Third Row L-R: Faculty Advisor Prof. Gretar Tryggvason, Jeremy Schwartz ’23*, Gavin Mackay ’23*

Bottom Row: Melody Lei ’23*, Lujia Liu ’23*.

Current Members Not Pictured: Kathy Cao ’23, Maxim Daud ’22, Alan Huang ’22, Alexander Klein ’22, Hojun Lee ’22, Aaditya Rau ’22, Neha Sangana ’22, Gwendolyn Tsai ’22, Junxiang Wang ’23, and Xiao Alan Yu ’22.

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