Students have all kinds of questions about how to prepare for life after college.

  • “Is my major or program the right one for me?”
  • “How can I maximize my summer experience through internships?”
  • “What do I want to do after graduation?”
  • “Should I go for an advanced degree?”

We’ve compiled a list of helpful resources and answers to these questions and more.


Read these articles on deciding what you value when shaping your career, goals, and life.


As you shape your values, you will have questions about your career preparation.


These resources can help you with the “mechanics” of career planning.

  • The Johns Hopkins Life Design Lab offers career planning and research help, networking and why it’s important, resume critiques, interviewing, career fairs, and employer information sessions.
    • First-Year Launch – start your career exploration here!
    • Join “Handshake” to see job and internship postings, information session announcements, and events at the JHU Life Design Lab.

  • The Johns Hopkins ASME Chapter seeks internship and job opportunities from our alumni and connects them to current students. Contact for information.
  • Contact Mike Bernard, who has a list of over 1000 bachelor’s and over 500 master’s and PhD alumni and where they started their careers, as well as hundreds of employers where our alumni work. He can connect you.
  • Read this article on “How to Network in College.”

Jobs and Internships

For International Students, finding a company who will sponsor them is a challenge, but they are out there.  Check out this article for some information.

READ THIS – Warning of Questionable Hiring Practices for International Software Jobs – be careful before signing a contract!

Interviewing and Other Resources

View and download these handy guides for BS Mechanical Engineering, BS Engineering Mechanics, and graduate-level students for actions to take. Refer to them often!

MechE Undergraduate Career Guide

ASME Career Guide for Mechanical Engineers

Visit these pages to learn more where our alumni are realizing successful careers!

You are also welcome to contact Mike Bernard, Academic Program Manager at He can share information on the careers and current employers of the vast majority of our alumni.

Life Design Lab

Through the LDL, you have access to life design programs and courses, experiential learning opportunities, and connections with alumni and employers.