Systems, Modeling, and Control

Systems Modeling Control image 2
This research area is concerned with systems theory, including mathematical modeling and analysis, dynamical systems, control theory, and design. Our group applies systems-theoretic approaches to problems arising in the modeling, dynamics, sensing, navigation, and control of robots, autonomous underwater vehicles, wind farms, the electric power grid, teams of aerial robots, and spacecraft. We take a similar approach to modeling and analysis of naturally occurring systems such as crystals or large biological macromolecules made from many atoms, organelles made from many macromolecules, cells comprising many organelles, biological organisms comprising many cells, and populations comprising many organisms.  A systems-theoretic understanding of such systems often requires integrating across many such length and timescales, for which we apply many different mathematical techniques. These include modeling and analysis of deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems, designing feedback control and estimation algorithms, and developing autonomous navigation and motion planning techniques.


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