Micro/Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Microscale materials (MechE)

The Micro and Nano research group conducts fundamental research on a wide range of scientific and technological problems related to fabrication, characterization, design and modeling of small-scale materials, devices and their integration into engineered systems.

Our group seeks to investigate the novel physics associated with small-scale and develop micro- and nano-systems to solve engineering and biological/medical problems.  The major areas of the research group include mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline thin films, 3D characterization, nanomaterials, multiscale modeling, molecular dynamics, Micro Electro Mechanical System or MEMS, micro-cooling, molecular motors, nano-biosensors, microfluidics, magnetic droplet manipulation and lab-on-a-chip systems.


Associated Research Centers and Institutes



Ishan Barman

Jaafar El-Awady

Kevin Hemker

Soojung Claire Hur

Ryan Hurley

Sung Hoon Kang

Rui Ni

K.T. Ramesh

Sean Sun

Jeff Wang

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