Jaafar El-Awady

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Multiscale materials modeling, damage and fracture mechanisms of materials in mechanical design, material degradation in extreme environments, nano-materials and structures, impact dynamics and wave propagation.

Jaafar El-Awady is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, where he leads the Computations and Experimental Materials Engineering Laboratory. The goal of his research group is to enhance the field of Materials-by-Design by moving from empirical, trial-and-error development techniques of materials to a combination of state-of-the-art multiscale computational methods and experimental techniques that can lead to next-generation materials with superior performance. El-Awady received a BS in 2001 and MS in 2003 from Cairo University, Egypt, and his PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2008. Prior to joining Johns Hopkins in 2010, he was a visiting scientist with the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory.


  • Ph.D. 2008, Univ of California Los Angeles
  • 2014 - Present:  Associate Professor, WSE Materials Science and Engineering
Research Areas
  • Coarse-graning methods
  • Crystal Plasticity
  • Damage and Fracture Mechanisms of Materials
  • Dislocation Dynamics
  • Dislocations
  • High-temperature Coatings
  • MACHINE learning
  • METAL fatigue
  • MULTISCALE modeling
  • Materials for Extreme Enviornments
  • Multi-Scale Material Modeling
  • Polymers
  • Thermal barrier coatings
  • 2018:  Chair of the 10th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling
  • 2015:  CAREER Award
  • 2014:  Orr Early Career Award - ASME Materials Division
  • 2012:  DARPA Young Faculty Award
  • 2008:  The Outstanding PhD Award in Aerospace Engineering
  • 2004:  Collegiate All-American Scholar Award
  • 2001:  Best Engineering Project Award
  • 2001:  The Egyptian Engineering Syndicate Award
  • 1999:  Ideal Student Silver Award
Journal Articles
  • Rao SI, Woodward C, Akdim B, Antillon E, Parthasarathy TA, El-Awady JA, Dimiduk DM (2019).  Large-scale dislocation dynamics simulations of strain hardening of Ni microcrystals under tensile loading.  Acta Materialia.  164.  171-183.
  • Srivastava K, Rao SI, El-Awady JA (2018).  Unveiling the role of super-jogs and dislocation induced atomic-shuffling on controlling plasticity in magnesium.  Acta Materialia.  161.  182-193.
  • Fan H, Ngan AHW, Gan K, El-Awady JA (2018).  Origin of double-peak precipitation hardening in metallic alloys.  International Journal of Plasticity.  111.  152-167.
  • Zhang J, Zhang Y, El-Awady JA, Tang Y (2018).  The plausibility of <c + a> dislocation slip on {-12-11} planes in Mg.  Scripta Materialia.  156.  19-22.
  • Gu Y, Xiang Y, Srolovitz DJ, El-Awady JA (2018).  Self-healing of low angle grain boundaries by vacancy diffusion and dislocation climb.  Scripta Materialia.  155.  155-159.
  • Hamza MH, Hendy MA, Hatem TM, El-Awady JA (2018).  Impact of angular deviation from coincidence site lattice grain boundaries on hydrogen segregation and diffusion in α-iron.  MRS Communications.  8(3).  1197-1203.
  • Fan H, Zhu Y, El-Awady JA, Raabe D (2018).  Precipitation hardening effects on extension twinning in magnesium alloys.  International Journal of Plasticity.  106.  186-202.
  • Jiao Q, Sim GD, Komarasamy M, Mishra RS, Liaw PK, El-Awady JA (2018).  Thermo-mechanical response of single-phase face-centered-cubic AlxCoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy microcrystals.  Materials Research Letters.  6(5).  300-306.
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  • Lavenstein S, Crawford B, Sim GD, Shade PA, Woodward C, El-Awady JA (2018).  High frequency in situ fatigue response of Ni-base superalloy René-N5 microcrystals.  Acta Materialia.  144.  154-163.
  • Hendy M, Hatem TM, El-Awady JA (2018).  Atomistic simulations of carbon diffusion and segregation in α-iron grain boundaries.  Minerals, Metals and Materials Series.  Part F12.  323-332.
  • Hendy MA, Hatem TM, El-Awady JA (2018).  Atomistic Simulations of Carbon and Hydrogen Diffusion and Segregation in Alfa-Iron Deviant CSL Grain Boundaries.  MRS Advances.  3(45-46).  2795-2800.
  • Jiao Q, Sim GD, Fan H, El-Awady JA (2017).  Micro-mechanical characterization of micro-architectured tungsten coatings.  Materials Science and Engineering A.  705.  366-375.
  • Aramoon A, Breitzman TD, Woodward C, El-Awady JA (2017).  Correlating Free-Volume Hole Distribution to the Glass Transition Temperature of Epoxy Polymers.  Journal of Physical Chemistry B.  121(35).  8399-8407.
  • Srivastava K, El-Awady JA (2017).  Deformation of magnesium during c-axis compression at low temperatures.  Acta Materialia.  133.  282-292.
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  • Fan H, Wang Q, Tian X, El-Awady JA (2017).  Temperature effects on the mobility of pyramidal < c + a > dislocations in magnesium.  Scripta Materialia.  127.  68-71.
  • Aramoon A, Breitzman TD, Woodward C, El-Awady JA (2016).  Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Study of the Curing and Properties of Highly Cross-Linked Epoxy Polymers.  Journal of Physical Chemistry B.  120(35).  9495-9505.
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Book Chapters
  • El-Awady JA, Fan H, Hussein AM (2016).  Advances in discrete dislocation dynamics modeling of size-affected plasticity.  Springer Series in Materials Science.  245.  337-371.
  • Tang Y, Rao SI, El-Awady JA (2013).  Hydrogen-dislocation interactions and cross-slip inhibition in FCC nickel.  TMS 2013 142nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Annual Meeting.  719-726.
Conference Proceedings
  • Hindy, M., Hatem, T.M., El-Awady J (2018).  Atomistic Simulations of Carbon Diffusion and Segregation in α-Iron Grain Boundaries.  Proceedings of the 147th TMS TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition.
  • Hartley C, El-Awady J, Woodward C (2010).  Representation of Dislocation Dynamics Simulations.  Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling.  426 - 429.
  • Ghoniem N, Brown A, El-Awady J (2010).  Plasticity of Nano-and Micro-pillars.  Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling.  185 - 188.
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