Why Hopkins?



Five Reasons to Study Mechanical Engineering at JOHNS Hopkins


Researchers1. You will study under world-class researchers who love to teach and mentor young people in the theoretical and practical aspects of mechanical engineering.

You will have the opportunity to work side by side with world-renowned professors and graduate students, conduct research, and make real contributions that advance the field.






2. You will be more than a number, you will be mentored as an individual and guided into areas that suit your own unique skills.
Our personal, one-on-one advising allow students to develop relationships with our faculty, and our flexible curriculum allows students to major in mechanical engineering or engineering mechanics.



mousetraps23. You will be immersed in a hands-on curriculum starting your first semester.
We offer a hands-on approach to learning immediately in the freshman year when students are given a few rubber bands, a mousetrap, a challenging obstacle course, and the design challenge to race each other with their unique creations.




baja24. You will be given flexibility to pursue your own interests through independent research, clubs, double majors and minors, and other options. 
Our clubs including Hopkins Baja, Design Build Fly, Astrojays, Hopkins Rocketry, Engineers Without Borders, and others give students the opportunity to work on real-world problems like designing all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), assembling aircraft, and building water-pump stations in remote African villages. You can also explore your own design work in the University Maker Space.


2011Blower5.  You will gain real-world experience in our Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project course sponsored by nonprofits, research organizations, and industry.
Our unique two-semester sequence enables students to work in small teams on projects sponsored by industry, government, or nonprofit organizations. From building a novel robot for space exploration to designing high-speed packing machinery, students learn the full range of design phases.


Where Do Our Undergraduate Alumni Succeed?

Our undergraduate alumni make their mark in academia and industry around the world!

Check out our BS First Destination Surveys, which provide a snapshot of how our undergraduate alumni fare in the months following graduation.

You are also welcome to contact Mike Bernard, Academic Program Manager at me-academic@jhu.edu.  He can share information on the careers and current employers of the vast majority of our undergraduate alumni.


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