Updated October 18, 2023

The Johns Hopkins Mechanical Engineering Internship Program connects outstanding international undergraduate students with our professors for an immersive summer research experience. We offer a stimulating, challenging, and rewarding experience to our participants. Summer 2023 was the inaugural season where we welcomed five students and will welcome more students in future summers. This page gives general information, helpful web links, and information on what to do upon arrival.

Applications will be accepted in October for review for the following summer.  Internships are expected to be offered in early November.  Announcements will be made each Fall when the application process begins.

Once you receive an invitation, our academic administrative staff will contact you directly to begin the process. We’re happy to help!

Mike Bernard

Academic Program Manager

223 Latrobe Hall

 John Soos

Sr. Academic Program Coordinator

223 Latrobe Hall

Other contact people will include your faculty supervisor.

Be sure to “like” our Facebook page from your own Facebook page to follow along.

Once an offer is made, these actions occur:

  • The Mechanical Engineering department’s academic staff will notify the students and ask them to complete various necessary forms for the invitation package.
  • Each student and faculty supervisor will have a Zoom or other online live conversation in the English language to allow the faculty member to complete a required English Attestation form.
  • The completed invitation package, including the English Attestation form is submitted to the University’s Visiting Students office.
  • The Visiting Students office will process the invitation package and create a record in the University’s Student Information System.  They, with the Mechanical Engineering department’s academic staff, will submit a request to the Office of International Services’ (OIS) iHopkins system for the DS-2019 form.
  • The OIS may ask the invited student for additional information to upload to the iHopkins system, including passport information.  Once all necessary info is received, the OIS will issue the DS-2019 form.
  • The invited student uses the DS-2019 form to request a visa interview with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  As long as there are no concerns after the interview, a J-1 visa is expected to be issued.

The process could take several weeks, if not a couple months from the initial invitation to the issuance of the DS-2019 form.  Patience and trust are appreciated as the process continues through the various offices.

Pre-Admission Immunization Requirements

All new visiting students must meet the University’s pre-admission health requirements by providing proof of immunity to certain communicable diseases prior to registration.

Before arriving at Johns Hopkins you must do the following:

  • Download, print and send the Student Health and Wellness Center a paper copy of your immunization information signed by your health care provider.
  • Enter the immunization information into your electronic health record using the “SH&WC Web Portal.”

For detailed information and instructions for completing these requirements, please visit the Student Health & Wellness Center (SH&WC) website.

Submission Deadline

You must submit your Pre-Admission Health form before your appointment date. Please direct your questions regarding these requirements to the Student Health and Wellness Center on their Staff Page.

Health Insurance

International students who have J-1 visas must enroll in the JHU student health insurance plan (CHP) on a monthly basis. The CHP premium is approximately US $207 per month, with coverage calculated from the 15th of every month. You will sign up for health insurance coverage through the Registrar’s Office. Waivers of this requirement are not granted. Visit the Registrar’s health insurance page for more information.

You can purchase health insurance for spouses and family members at your cost. The policy year runs from August 15 to August 14.

Please contact the health insurance office at the Registrar at ASENInsurance@jhu.edu for rate information.

Airport – BWI strongly recommended

We strongly recommend that you fly into Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), which is about a 30-minute ride from campus.

Ground Transportation

You can travel from the airport to the Johns Hopkins University’s “Homewood” campus by using a taxi or airport shuttle or the Light Rail or MARC train to Pennsylvania Station, about one mile from campus. Taxis, Uber, Lyft, and free Johns Hopkins shuttles at Penn Station can bring you to the University.

When making reservations with Uber or Lyft, set the arrival address as 3301 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218, which is the Scott-Bates Commons.

We Really Do Recommend BWI

We strongly discourage flying to airports other than Baltimore-Washington International (BWI), but if you must travel to one of the Washington, DC area airports, for example, Dulles International (IAD) or Reagan National (DCA), you will be about 65-115 km / 40-70 miles from Baltimore. Transportation from those airports to Baltimore will very costly and time consuming compared to travel from BWI, which is only 22 km / 14 miles from campus.

Return Travel – a note about indirect flights and visas

Please reserve a direct flight whenever possible.  If you cannot, be aware that some airlines might not accept your visa if it is expired at the end of the internship period.  To resolve this, the department will explore the possibility of extending the internship’s last day after the experience ends to allow travel flexibility.

All internship students will live on campus at the Scott-Bates Commons, at 3301 North Charles Street in Baltimore city.  The Summer Conference staff will be happy to help you check in, get settled, and answer questions about your housing, dining, and other services.  The “Stipend and Budget” section of this page has information on how your housing and dining costs will be covered.

  • Download the Housing and Dining brochure, which provides information on checking in, things to bring, services, and dining options.
  • Download the Laundry information, which explains how you can access laundry services using the Speed Queen app.

Some important items:


Hopkins Dining will provide meals.

  • Visit this page for information on Hopkins Dining.  There is a QR code on this page where you can submit your dietary needs and food concerns.
  • Dining Locations and Hours
    • Our group has been assigned specific meal hours:  7:00-8:00 a.m. for breakfast, 12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. for lunch, and 6:00-7:00 p.m. for dinner.  Hopkins Dining is flexible on those hours, where you can visit during other times while the Cafes are open, as needed.
    • Until June 19, your meals will be provided at the Hopkins Café.
    • On June 20 and later, your meals will be provided at Nolan’s Café.
    • Be sure to bring your Meal Card for each meal.
  • Please see the Housing and Dining brochure, which also addresses specific food needs.

Additional Food Options

  • The Scott-Bates Commons offers kitchenettes with stove-top and refrigerators, but cooking utensils are not provided.  If you wish to cook, please bring or purchase utensils, pots, pans, dishes, and flatware.
  • There are plenty of reasonably priced restaurants within walking distance of campus.  For delicious and authentic Indian dishes in the immediate area, check out Tambers at 34th Street and St. Paul Street and the Ambassador Dining Room at 3811 Canterbury Road.
  • Punjab Groceries at 345 East 33rd Street offers plenty of Indian foods and ingredients.  Other grocery stores in the area include Streets Market, 3117 St. Paul Street and Giant Food, 601 East 33rd Street.


  • You must bring your own linens and towels.  We recommend bringing 2-3 sheet sets that include a fitted sheet, regular sheet, and pillowcases. All beds are “extra long twin.”

For additional information, contact the Scheduling and Event Services office at +1 410-516-3962.


Get a jump on getting connected at Hopkins!

Note that the rates listed here are from 2023. They will be updated for 2024 when new rates are available.

  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering will cover the cost of meals and housing directly with the Summer Conference office.  The total estimated cost for meals and and housing is approximately US $5,257.51.
  • For interns
    • Each intern will receive $2,842.56 over the full internship period.  The stipend will be paid semi-monthly.
    • Each intern will pay $621.00 for health insurance, or $207.00 each month.
    • Visa fees, travel, and laundry expenses are the responsibility of each intern.
  • The total value of housing, dining, and stipend is $8,100.00.

These are the estimated stipend and expenses for Summer 2023:

Stipend paid directly to each intern $2,842.56
Health Insurance – $207 per month x 3, or $621, all paid up front -$621.00


Lodging – $52.75 per day $3,323.25
Breakfast and Lunch – Monday through Friday from May 30-June 10 – $8.95 and $12.95 per day for 8 days $262.80 (for all 12 days)
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – daily from June 11-July 28 – $8.95, $12,95, and $12.95 per day for 48 days $1,671.46 (for remaining 48 days)

The department’s academic staff will contact students near their arrival times to arrange for stipend to be paid.  See the Hiring Documents section for more information.

To be paid a stipend, hiring documents must be completed.  It is recommended to complete these forms by May 7.

  • Complete a New Hire Information Sheet. Leave the Administrative Actions section blank. Do not complete the Hopkins Government ID. We will have access to your ID internally. Send the form to me-academic@jhu.edu.
  • TIP: Avoid identify theft! Never e-mail a document with your Hopkins Government ID on it, just in case an e-mail is intercepted or hacked.
  • Please complete the online I-9 Form. During the I-9 process, international students will be asked to complete a Foreign National Information Form.
  • For International Students:
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit, where your stipend will be deposited right into your bank account on payday. Visit ESS, or “Employee Self-Service” to set up Direct Deposit or change accounts.  The ESS will be set up for you after your first paycheck is issued, which will be around June 15.  Your first paycheck will be mailed to your Scott-Bates Commons residence.
    • Please have your bank account’s “routing number” and “account number” handy before signing in.
    • Go to my.jhu.edu and sign in with your JHED ID and password.
    • Select the “HR” tab and then the “ESS” tab.
    • Sign in again with your JHED ID and password.
    • Select the “Payroll Info” tab and you will see the option to set up or edit Direct Deposit. Follow the instructions to set up or update the account.
  • That your first pay will be paid to you by check, if your home bank can accept the check, you can deposit it there.  If not, you can establish an account at the Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union, 4 East 33rd Street, next to the Scott-Bates Commons.  You can also establish an account at a bank in the area, as you choose.  Your checks or direct deposit can then be set up to be received by your American bank or credit union account.
  • Paydays will be on the 1st and 15th days of the month, or the nearest previous business day if those days fall on a weekend.

The 2024 schedule will be established and announced later.  Here is what happened in 2023.

We can’t wait to meet you!  There are actions to take as well as people to meet… 

MAY 28-MAY 3`1

1. Arrival at your summer home:  the Scott-Bates Commons

You are welcome to check in for your room assignment at the Scott-Bates Commons Lobby beginning Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 2:00 p.m.

2. Check in with the Office of International Services

Check in electronically with the Office of International Services. They must know that you have arrived.

3. Visit the J-Card Office and the Registrar

  • J-Card Office – Levering Hall, South: get your J-card.
  • Registrarthe Registrar’s Student Service Center on the first floor of Levering Hall, near the Glass Pavilion.
    • Confirm your health insurance enrollment.
    • Register for the appropriate Visiting Undergraduate Student “course.”  See the “Summer Course Registration” section below for information.

4.  Introduce yourself to us!

  • Contact your faculty supervisor directly to arrange to meet to begin your internship:
  • Arrange an introductory meeting with the academic staff, Mike and John at me-academic@jhu.edu. They will be working partly on campus through the end of June, then remotely afterward as the administrative office where they usually work will be undergoing renovations from July through November 2023. They will arrange to meet with you in person at some point on or near campus.


Dates for meeting for introductory lunches and dinners will be re-determined for when everyone has arrived.  You will be notified soon of these new dates and times.

  • Prof. David Kraemer will  take you to dinner at Tambers Restaurant, about two blocks away on 34th and St. Paul Sts. Prof. Kraemer can be contacted at david.kraemer@jhu.edu.
  • Professor Rajat Mittal will take you to lunch.  You will also have a chance to explore campus.  He will contact you to make arrangements.  Prof. Mittal can be reached at mittal@jhu.edu.


The academic staff will arrange social events.  Dates and details will be announced.

  • Mid-June: a “food tour” of a city neighborhood – a walking tour and stops at a few restaurants to sample local cuisine.
  • Early-July: a tour of the National Aquarium downtown.
  • Late-July: final research presentation and a good-bye lunch Bar-B-Q with Mechanical Engineering faculty and students.

How to Register

You are required to register as a student each semester during which you are participating as a visiting student. While you are not charged tuition for this course, the tuition value of three credits is included as a University subsidy on your DS-2019 form.

Upon arrival, register for the course using the Shared Student Case Management System. Sign in with your JHED ID and password, then select “Records and Registration” and then select “Add, drop, audit or withdrawal from a course.”  Ask to enroll in “EN.990.997 Undergraduate Research Practicum.”

This is  not a course where you attend class, do homework, take exams, and the like. These help the University comply with registration requirements for visitors. The “course” does not have credits nor is it graded, as it simply confirms in our University systems that you are present with us.

Newly arrived visiting students must complete their registration immediately upon arrival and no later than five days after the “program start date” on their DS-2019.


This is your login ID to most Hopkins Web sites, including the “myJH” portal, home of the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory. It typically includes the first letter of your first name, your last name or part of your last name, and one or more digits. Your JHED ID is a maximum of 8 characters.

Hopkins ID

This is the six-digit-and-letter ID that SIS (the Student Information System) uses to identify students.

Government ID

For American students, this is the Social Security Number. For international students, this is a temporary Hopkins-assigned (988-xx-xxxx) number to use at JHU in place of a social security number. For those receiving a salary or stipend, this number is used in the process to set up your pay. International students receiving a salary will apply for a Social Security Number after arrival.

J-Card ID

This is the 16-digit number located above the barcode on one’s J-Card, which you will receive upon arrival. This number is read automatically when you swipe your J-Card at a reader. The 14-digit number below the J-Card barcode is your library number and can be used on the library page.

Access to various buildings and offices will be granted in one of two ways:

  • Using one’s J-Card for electronic access.
  • Using keys.

Students will receive access to buildings and offices as needed.

  • Please contact us at me-academic@jhu.edu and we will be happy to arrange to get you your keys with our on-campus staff.
  • The third floor of Latrobe Hall will be accessible with J-card access for all students Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Students with offices on this floor will have daily 24-hour access with J-cards.
  • Other halls will be open during business hours Monday through Friday and limited access will be available at other times.

Desk space may be provided to visiting students depending on availability. Please ask your research supervisor where you will be seated.

  • Visiting students who will work in Hackerman Hall (robotics) or Clark Hall (biomechanics) – contact your research supervisor for information.
  • Visiting students who will work in Malone Hall (HEMI, some mechanics of materials) – contact your research supervisor or administrative coordinator Dina King at dking65@jhu.edu for information.
  • Visiting students who will work in Latrobe Hall (fluids, some biomechanics, some mechanics of materials) – contact your research supervisor for information.
    • Once your research supervisor determines your desk location, you will receive keys to the Latrobe Hall building, your office space, and your desk . Note that there is a US $5 refundable deposit charged per key.
    • If your research supervisor is unsure where to place you, he or she can contact the academic staff to find out what desks are available.


In case of emergency:

Safety and Security

The Johns Hopkins Safety and Security office offers many services to keep you and those around you safe. View the page for information on those services and other tips for your personal safety.


Check out the Student Wellness page, which offers support and services in seven key areas of wellness: emotional and mental health, physical health, finances, professional life, spiritual health, sexual health, and social well-being.

Getting Personal Help

Occasionally, students may feel overwhelmed by the rigors of education, especially if coupled with outside stresses like health and family concerns. Johns Hopkins offers a host of resources where you can ask for and receive help.

If you need someone to listen, you can talk to your advisor, Academic Program Manager Mike Bernard or Senior Academic Program Coordinator John Soos. Sometimes, venting to someone may be all you need.

Sometimes, though, you may want to talk to someone who is trained to help people in distress. View these pages for information and hours:

Postal Address

You can have items mailed to you at this postal address:

Johns Hopkins University, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Attention: (you)
3910 Keswick Road, Latrobe 217
Baltimore, Maryland 21211-2226 USA

You may have educational and personal items sent to you, but please keep the volume of personal items sent at a reasonable level.


Every student receives a J-card, which is your university identification card. It gets you in to the Library, computer labs, certain buildings, events, and the Recreation Center.


If you need to park a car on campus, check out the Parking Office website, which has this section: parking for students.

Campus Map

Visit the JHU Maps and Directions page for campus maps and directions.

Income Tax Info

Income taxes may be withheld from your stipend. Tax laws and rules vary depending on your citizenship. Some information on taxes is available at the Tax Office website.

Contact the JHU Tax Office for assistance:

Tax Office
Suite D200 – Eastern High Campus
1101 East 33rd Street
tax “at” jhu.edu

Salary Pay Statement

You will be able to view your pay statement at your “My JHU” portal. Select the “HR” icon, then the “ESS” icon. Visit “ESS,” or “Employee Self-Service” to view your pay statement.

  • Go to my.jhu.edu and sign in with your JHED ID and password.
  • Select the “HR” tab and then the “ESS” tab.
  • Sign in again with your JHED ID and password.
  • Select the “Payroll Info” tab and you will see the pay statement.