Tamer Zaki

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Transitional and turbulent shear flows: linear and non-linear instability waves, secondary instabilities, breakdown to turbulence, direct numerical simulations, transition modelling. Two-fluid shear flows: linear and non-linear instability methods, interface tracking, the interaction of vortical disturbances with interfaces, direct numerical simulations, laminar-to-turbulence transition. Turbulence: boundary layer turbulence, separation, drag reduction, and large-scale high-performance computing.

  • Ph.D. 2005, Stanford University
  • M.S. 2001, Stanford University
  • B.S. 1998, Pennsylvania State University
  • 2015 - 2017:  Visiting Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London
  • 2013 - 2015:  Reader, Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London
  • 2010 - 2012:  Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London
  • 2006 - 2010:  Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London
Research Areas
  • Transitional and turbulent shear flows: linear and non-linear instability waves, secondary instabilities, breakdown to turbulence, direct numerical simulations, transition modelling. Two-fluid shear flows: linear and non-linear instability methods, interface tracking, the interaction of vortical disturbances with interfaces, direct numerical simulations, laminar-to-turbulence transition. Turbulence: boundary layer turbulence, separation, drag reduction, and large-scale high-performance computing.
  • 2017:  Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science
  • 2016:  Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science
  • 2016:  Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award
  • 2013:  Department Nominee, Faculty of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award, Imperial College London
  • 2013:  Institute of Industrial Sciences Visiting Fellowship, University of Tokyo
  • 2013:  Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science
  • 2013:  President and Rector’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Imperial College London
  • 2010:  Department Nominee, Faculty of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award, Imperial College London
  • 2005:  Directors' fellowship, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 2005:  Graduate Fellowship, Stanford University
  • 2000:  Abstract of Distinction Award, The American Gastroenterological Association
Journal Articles
  • Nicolaou, L., Zaki, T. (2016).  Characterization of aerosol Stokes number in $90o$ bends and idealized extrathoracic airways!!!.  Journal of Aerosol Science.  102.  105-127.
  • Cerizza, D., Sekiguchi, W., Tsukahara, T., Zaki, T., Hasegawa, Y. (2016).  Reconstruction of scalar source intensity based on sensor signal in turbulent channel flow.  Flow, Turbulence & Combustion!!!.  97(4).  1211–1233.
  • Trevelyan, D. J., Zaki, T. (2016).  Wavy Taylor vortices in molecular dynamics simulation of cylindrical Couette flow.  Physical Review E.  93(4).
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  • Saha, S., Page, J., Zaki, T. (2016).  Disturbance amplification in boundary layers over thin wall films.  Physics of Fluids.  28(2).  024108.
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  • Lee, J., Jelly, T. O., Zaki, T. (2015).  Effect of Reynolds number on turbulent drag reduction by superhydrophobic surface textures.  Flow, Turbulence & Combustion.  95.  277 - 300.
  • Rocco, G., Zaki, T., Mao, X., Blackburn, H., Sherwin, S. J. (2015).  Floquet and transient growth stability analysis of a flow through a compressor passage.  Aerospace Science and Technology.  44.  116-124.
  • Hack, M. J., Zaki, T. (2015).  Modal and nonmodal stability of boundary layers forced by spanwise wall oscillations.  J. Fluid Mechanics.  778.  389-427.
  • Marxen, O., Kotapati, R. B., Mittal, R., Zaki, T. (2015).  Stability analysis of separated flows subject to control by zero-net mass flux jet.  Physics of Fluids.  27(024107).
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Book Chapters
  • Zaki, T., Page, J. (2016).  Theory and simulations of bypass transition in two-fluid boundary layers.  Theme Issue on Transition Modelling.  ERCOFTAC.  (106).
  • Zaki, T., Durbin, P. A., Wissink, J., Rodi, W. (2009).  DNS of Transition to Turbulence in a Linear Compressor Cascade.  431-440.
  • Durbin, P. A., Zaki, T. (2005).  Continuous Mode Transition.  Transition And Turbulence Control.  87-106.
Other Publications
  • Zaki, T. (2014).  Wall-based Actuation for Transition Delay and Drag Reduction.  DTIC Document.
  • Nolan, K. P., Zaki, T. (2012).  Conditional sampling and statistical analysis of transitional flows.  Center for Turbulence Research.  25-34.
  • Zaki, T. (2011).  On the Evolution of Vortical Disturbances in Two-Fluid Boundary Layers.  DTIC Document.
  • Zaki, T., Kyriazis, D. (2010).  Bypass Transition in Turbomachinery Flows: Turbulent Spots and the Calming Effect.  DTIC Document.
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Conference Proceedings
  • Lee, J., Zaki, T.  Video: A computational laboratory for the study of transitional and turbulent boundary layers.  68th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics - Gallery of Fluid Motion.  American Physical Society (APS).
  • Cerizza, D., Zaki, T., Hasegawa, Y. (2016).  Effects of velocity and measurement uncertainties on estimation of scalar source intensity in turbulent channel flow.  First Pacific Rim Thermal Engineering Conference.
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  • Mao, X., Zaki, T., Sherwin, S. J., Blackburn, H. (2016).  Bypass transition induced by free-stream noise in flow past a blade cascade.  16th International Symposium of Transport Phenomena and Dynamics of Rotating Machinery.
  • Hwang, J., Lee, J., Sung, H. J., Zaki, T. (2015).  Evolution of large-scale motions in wall-bounded turbulence.  Proceedings of the ASME-JSME-KSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference.
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