“MEGA,” the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Association is the organization representing the general interests of and facilitating interaction among the graduate students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

All graduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are automatically members of MEGA. No applications, membership fees, or other actions are required to join. All Mechanical Engineering graduate students are welcome to participate in any and all MEGA events.

Contact MEGA

MEGA welcomes your inquiries at jhumega@gmail.com.

Some MEGA Events and Activities

  • Lab Socials – hosted monthly by different labs.
  • Graduate Representative Organization (GRO) – representation and participation.
  • Graduate Visit Day events – admitted graduate students meet and mingle with current graduate students.
  • “Friday Morning Coffee and Doughnuts” – a weekly event – check your e-mail for the time and location.
  • Intramural Summer Sports – soccer, flag football, softball, and more! Contact the Sports Commissioner to join a team.
  • Dissertation Defense celebrations – add a social and scrumptious touch to the big day

MEGA Leadership

  • Lily Zhao and Juan Sebastian Rubio, Co-Presidents
  • Sergio Machaca, Vice President and GRO Ambassador
  • Manuel Ayala, Secretary
  • Cristale Garnica, Treasurer
  • Aishwarya Rath and Naveed Riaziat, Social Chairs
  • Arnab Chatterjee, Creative and Branding Chair
  • Annie Mao and Lydia Al-Zogbi, Community Outreach Co-Chairs
  • Michael Wilkinson, Union Representative
  • Lorena Velázquez, Diversity and Inclusion Chair
  • Harrison Khoo, Sports Chair
  • Vedansh Dave, International Student Representatives
  • Gargi Sadalgekar, Master’s Student Representative
  • Noah Barnes, First Year Rep

Mike Bernard is the Staff Co-Advisor and Prof. Rajat Mittal is the Faculty Co-Advisor.

MEGA seeks your involvement, participation, and new ideas and events! Contact the Co-Presidents to share your ideas, to join the MEGA Leadership Team, and to enjoy MEGA events!

Visit the Photo Gallery!

Check out MEGA’s Photo Gallery of events!