MechE Force Spring 2015

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Adventure Under Ice

With Nereid under ice, Louis Whitcomb has made it possible for scientists to explore the Arctic's most extreme environments.

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Attacking Drug-Resistant Infections

Professor Jeff Wang spearheads NIH-funded project that aims for fast identification and destruction of deadly bacteria.

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Virtual wind-farm

Computational Fluid Dynamics helps predict behavior of large wind-farms of the future.

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Getting Pumped

Joe Katz is primed to lead Hopkins' ambitious ten-year effort to build a replacement heart.

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Conquering Concussions

Using their ‘digital head,’ a team of mechanical engineers is perfecting a computer model that could have profound effects from those on the playing field to those on the battlefield.

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Engineering by Design

Take a closer look at Mechanical Engineering's Senior Design Course.

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No Clowning Around

For Noah Cowan, juggling is not just fun and games, but a mathematically simplified version of human locomotion.

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Target Practice!

Raucous cheers, fist pumps, and excitement abound in MechE's "Shell Shocked" competition for freshmen.

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Egg Chamber Biomechanics

Mechanics of developing fly egg chamber reveals molecular mechanisms governing tissue shape regulation.

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