The Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering prepares students for careers in research and academia. Our faculty are investigating a diverse range of research areas like fluid mechanics, renewable energy technologies, materials processing and manufacturing, prosthetics, diagnostic tools, nanotechnology, and much more. As a PhD candidate, you will share in the excitement of discovery as you collaborate with our faculty on cutting edge research. You will also acquire strong, independent research skills and begin to develop your own skills and reputation as a member of the research community.

Because the advisor/graduate relationship is the cornerstone of a successful PhD experience, all new PhD candidates are carefully matched with faculty advisors, based on mutual research interests.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) normally requires four to five years of full-time study beyond the baccalaureate degree. There is no formal course requirement for a doctoral degree. The student develops a technical program involving both research and coursework with the help of his or her faculty advisor.

PhD candidates must pass the departmental exam, the Graduate Board Oral exam, submit a doctoral dissertation, and pass a final dissertation defense.

Where Do Our PhD Graduates Go?

Visit our PhD Alumni page to see where our PhD graduates have made their mark around the world. You, too, can join this elite group with an admission to our highly-ranked PhD program.