The Passing of Andrew Conn BS ’57, PhD ’64

We are sad to report the passing of Andrew F. Conn BS ’57, PhD ’64. Conn, a retired senior lecturer who played a pivotal role in creating and expanding the senior design course that is our capstone undergraduate design experience, died on Friday, Nov. 6.

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Powering the Grid

Assistant Professor Dennice Gayme is working on a computational model to identify how best to allocate storage after taking into account power losses in the grid and connecting this to market pricing.

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Adventure Under Ice

With Nereid under ice, Louis Whitcomb has made it possible for scientists to explore the Arctic's most extreme environments.

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Maneuvering the Terrain: Professor Chen Li Explores Relationship Between Biology and Robotics

Research in terradynamics used to develop mobile robots that can better move through cluttered areas.

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Attacking Drug-Resistant Infections

Professor Jeff Wang spearheads NIH-funded project that aims for fast identification and destruction of deadly bacteria.

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Engineering by Design

Take a closer look at Mechanical Engineering's Senior Design Course.

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Getting Pumped

Joe Katz is primed to lead Hopkins' ambitious ten-year effort to build a replacement heart.

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Prof. Rajat Mittal Studies Crickets’ Aerial Acrobatics in Hopes of Building Better Robots

Research hopes to help to pave the way for a new generation of small but skillful jumping robots.

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Conquering Concussions

Using their ‘digital head,’ a team of mechanical engineers is perfecting a computer model that could have profound effects from those on the playing field to those on the battlefield.

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Senior Design Students Create a Tamper-proof Pill Bottle to Curb Misuse

You can whack it with a hammer, attack it with a drill, even stab it with a screwdriver. But try as you might, you won’t be able to tamper with a high-tech pill dispenser designed by our Senior Design students.

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Virtual wind-farm

Computational Fluid Dynamics helps predict behavior of large wind-farms of the future.

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