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Wind Energy paper highlighted:

04/2014: A key consideration in capturing wind energy is how best to space wind turbines to capture more wind to generate more power. Postdoc Richard Stevens, and Professors Charles Meneveau and Dennice Gayme have applied Large Eddy Simulations to study wake effects which can help future project designers configure wind farms. Their article has been highlighted by the American Institute of Physics.

31st Annual Alexander Graham Christie Lecture:

04/03/2014: Professor Shu Chien of UCSD presented the lecture entitled “Role of microRNA in Endothelial Mechanotransduction Health and Disease” on April 3rd, 2014. Following his lecture, Professor Jeff Wang presented him with the engraved memento celebrating this yearly event.  

US News & World Report

03/2014: In its latest 2014 ranking, US News & World Report rated JHU Mechanical Engineering as among the top 13 ME graduate programs in the country. Also in the latest available ranking (2010) by the National Research Council (NRC), our phD program was ranked in the top ten using the NRC Survey-based quality score, according to a statistical analysis using the web-tool provided here

Juggling and the Sense of Touch

03/2014: When you juggle, the sense of touch provides key information to your brain, according to a new study led by ME PhD student Mert Ankarali. Professor Noah Cowan supervised the research, which was featured on the cover of the Journal of Neurophysiology.  Please see featured article in the JHU Hub.

Congratulations to Dr. Steven Marra!

03/2014: Dr. Steven Marra, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, was named a Campus Star and a Leader in Engineering Education by the American Society for Engineering Education, an honor that recognizes excellence in teaching. Please click here for full article.


Congratulations to Professor Kevin Hemker

3/2014: Professor Kevin Hemker, the Alonzo G. Decker Chair in Mechanical Engineering, has been named to The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's (TMS) 2014 Class of Fellows for discoveries that govern the mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline, micro-lattice, thermal barrier and high-termperature materials based on underlying atomic-scale processes. Moreover, his former PhD student, Dan Gianola, received the TMS Young Professor's Award, and two of his postdocs, Jessica Krogstad and Amit Pandey, were named TMS Young Leaders. Please click here to read the full WSE announcement.

The department welcomes Senior Lecturer David Kraemer January 2014

January 2014: This is a homecoming for Dr. Kraemer, who earned his PhD in Civil Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University in 2001. His research involves investigations of the dynamics of ocean wave-energy conversion systems. He is consulting with a small start-up company that is developing a wave-energy device. However, he has focused his professorial career on undergraduate engineering education. Dr. Kraemer has taught at the US Naval Academy and Bucknell University, and he comes to us from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville where he served as Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Kraemer's teaching interests include dynamic systems and instrumentation, numerical methods, fluid mechanics, and renewable energy.

Researchers Find Ways to Minimize Power Grid Disruptions in Wind Power

January 2014: Professor Dennice Gayme has co-authored a paper with a researcher at the North Carolina State University that explains their findings that installing wind power plants at certain favorable locations in a power grid can make the grid more robust against extraneous disruptions.

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