Senior Design Info for Juniors

Senior Design is the crown jewel of the Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics majors!  Though the course is called “Senior Design,” the preparation work begins in the Junior year.

Preparation for Senior Design

Visit the page, Johns Hopkins Mechanical Engineering – Senior Design FAQ for Juniors for valuable information on how to get started.

Note that preparations begin in early-March of the Junior year!  Get a jump on your preparations now.  Don’t miss out!

Take Engineering Design Process as a Senior Design preview!

The course EN.530.381 Engineering Design Process (E, 3 credits) is an excellent way to get a taste of what Senior Design is like. You will work with active Senior Design teams and contribute to those projects while learning vital design skills like rapid sketching, hand drawing, prototype design and creation, teamwork, negotiation, ordering from suppliers, and documenting your work.

The course will count in these ways:

  • Mechanical Engineering major – Mechanical Engineering elective or Technical Elective
  • Engineering Mechanics major – Technical Elective or possible an Engineering Mechanics or Engineering Science elective.

Your faculty advisor will help you determine where it counts in your degree.

We strongly suggest you consider this course as part of your elective choices!  Prof. Nathan Scott can answer your questions at

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