Design Team Sponsorship

Become a Sponsor!


In our “Engineering Design Project” course, our seniors prove their mettle as competent engineers as they prepare to launch their careers with companies like yours that make a significant difference in the world.  Others will continue their education in graduate school.


Why Sponsor?

You can be a partner with Johns Hopkins Mechanical Engineering in not only enriching the student educational experience with your project, idea, or design problem, but also by potentially discovering highly motivated and creative engineers to join your enterprise.


  • A group of student-engineers work two full semesters on your design project
  • No labor costs for high-quality engineering work
  • Help train and prepare the next generation of engineers…who could work for you!
  • Prototype development using high-quality manufacturing technology at discounted rates


Who Can Sponsor?

Sponsors of Senior Design come from all disciplines and from across a variety of organizations. Most Senior Design projects have come directly from industry or academia. Potential sponsors should have an idea about exactly what engineering problem they would like to pose, be able to provide a budget or have plans prepared for how to fund their project (typically $5,000-15,000 per team), and be able to provide a point-of-contact for their Senior Design team throughout the duration of the project.


How to Join…

Contact instructor Dr. Nathan Scott for info and to become a Senior Design Project sponsor.

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