For the fall semester of 2013, Megan Carney ’15 studied abroad in Australia at the University of Sydney. She took courses that are typical for MechE juniors: Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Intro to Programming as well as a couple of fun courses for her math minor like Cryptography.

Unlike the Homewood campus with a few thousand people, she shared the Sydney campus with over 50,000 students! Most were native students who live off-campus. From her “Aussie” colleagues, she learned cultural norms like the differences between rugby, rugby league, and football. Also, Megan traveled to New Zealand and visited Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef.

Our undergraduate students have incredible opportunities to study abroad. In addition to Australia, our undergrad students have studied in faraway places like France, India, South Africa, and New Zealand!

Megan made a number of Aussie friends, like her new friend pictured here with her…