Esteban Rivera graduated in 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Read his career update below.

“Last year after networking at a conference, I was offered a position at a company called Recreation Engineering Inc. in Prescott, AZ. The company specializes in amusement ride engineering, and my work involves ride inspections, waterpark inspections, new ride commissioning, and load validation. I’ve been traveling all over the country working for many of the major theme park operators, and have been really enjoying my work. I’m currently studying for the Fundamental of Engineering (FE) exam so I can get my engineering license, which will allow me to sign off on rides and inspections. I’m also getting SCUBA certified so that I can do underwater inspections as well.

“I’ve been trying to help other students at Hopkins get into this industry, and in my last year at Hopkins, I founded the TEA @ JHU, a student organization specializing in all things theme parks. The group participated in two engineering design challenges, one of which was hosted by Universal Creative, and it’s already resulted in the current president getting a summer internship working with Busch Gardens Williamsburg.”