Each year, the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering honors students, faculty, and staff during the annual Convocation Awards Ceremony. These awards highlight hard work and outstanding achievements in research, academics, mentoring, and community outreach.

We are happy to announce the winners of the Department of Mechanical Engineering awards and distinctions.  See below for the full list of winners.

James F. Bell Award
This award was established by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in honor of James F. Bell (1914–95), who was a professor and professor emeritus in the Department of Mechanical Engineering from 1979 until his death. During his 50-year career at Johns Hopkins, Professor Bell worked continuously as an experimentalist in the field of nonlinear 12 mechanics and dynamic plasticity, authoring more than 80 research papers and two books. His avocation was music: He played in the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra for more than 20 years. The James F. Bell Award recognizes outstanding research and scholarly achievement in mechanical engineering.

  • Aaditya Rau
  • Zi Chang  “Jack” Rao

Creel Family Teaching Assistant Award
Teaching assistants play a key role in education, and this award, established by George C. Creel ’55, recognizes their effort, enthusiasm, and contribution to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

  • Annika Torp
  • Annie Mao
  • Henry Phalen
  • Brian Woronowicz
  • Boyang Xiao
  • Yinghe Qi

Robert George Gerstmyer Award
Robert G. Gerstmyer ’43 received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Johns Hopkins and worked for the FMC Corporation after graduation. The Robert George Gerstmyer Award recognizes outstanding undergraduate achievement in mechanical engineering. It was established in 1993 by Gerstmyer’s sons in memory of their father.

  • Xiao “Alan” Yu
  • Yocheved Kopel
  • John Wu
  • Diana Bershadsky
  • Katharine Priu

Mechanical Engineering Special Achievement Award
This award is given in recognition of outstanding leadership and achievement through engineering clubs and societies.

  • Sophie Dunn
  • Eleanor O’Callaghan
  • Aditi Kishore
  • Sasha Khidekel

The Charles A. Miller Award
Recognizes outstanding academic achievement by undergraduates in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Charles A. Miller, Jr. ’40 graduated from Johns Hopkins with a degree in geology. He began at Johns Hopkins as a chemical engineering student and worked in engineering all his life. After serving in the Navy, he and two acquaintances launched the Industrial Products Company, which later led to the founding of the Filterite Corporation. Miller’s generous gifts have continued to benefit the Whiting School of Engineering since 1985.

  • Gwen Tsai
  • Hojun Lee

William N. Sharpe Jr. Award for Student Involvement
The William N. Sharpe, Jr. Award for Student Involvement recognizes significant leadership or achievement by mechanical engineering students in extracurricular activities. Professor William N. Sharpe, Jr. initiated this award after receiving the Ralph Coats Roe Award of the American Society for Engineering Education in 2007. From 1983 to 1988, Professor Sharpe served as the founding chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering after the formation of the Whiting School of Engineering, and he was chair again from 1991 to 1997.

  • Megan Abate
  • Mark Gonzales
  • Katie Ogg
  • Delphine Tan