The Society of Scholars was created on the recommendation of then president Milton S. Eisenhower and approved by the university board of trustees on May 1, 1967. The society — the first of its kind in the nation — inducts former postdoctoral fellows, postdoctoral degree recipients, house staff and junior or visiting faculty who have served at least a year at Johns Hopkins and thereafter gained marked distinction elsewhere in their fields of physical, biological, medical, social or engineering sciences or in the humanities and for whom at least five years have elapsed since their last Johns Hopkins affiliation.

The Committee of the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars, whose members are equally distributed among the academic divisions, elects a limited number of scholars from the candidates nominated by the academic divisions with postdoctoral programs. The scholars are invested at the time of Commencement or a similar occasion. At that time, they are presented with a certificate and a medallion on a black and gold ribbon to be worn with their academic robe. There are currently 595 members in the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars.

These are the Society of Scholars members associated with our Department. For more information, see listing of all JHU scholars here.

Ron Blackwelder (University of Southern California) 2001

James G. Brasseur (Pennsylvania State University) 2000

Robert Cahn (Cambridge University) 2005

Genevieve Comte-Bellot (Lyon, France Ecole Centrale Lyon) 1981

Gilles Corcos (University of California, Berkeley) 1986

Constantine Dafermos (Brown University) 1978

Stephen H. Davis (Northwestern University) 2010

John Foss (Michigan State University) 1992

Mohammed Gad-el-Hak (University of Notre Dame) 2002

Francis R. Hama (University of Stuttgart, Germany) 1984

Michael Hayes (University College, Dublin, Ireland) 2001

Fazle Hussain (University of Houston) 1994

Estelle Iacona (Université Paris-Saclay) 2022

Wolfgang Kollmann (University of California, Davis) 2000

Frank M. Leslie (Glasgow, Scotland) 1980 (deceased)

John Lumley (Cornell University) 1969

Ingo Muller (Berlin, Germany) 1985

Walter Noll (Carnegie Mellon University) 1979

Stephen L. Passman (Vienna, Virginia, USA) 1989 Retired from Sandia National Laboratories

Tim Pedley (Cambridge University, UK) 1993

James Riley (University of Washington) 2022

K. R. Sreenivasan (Yale University) 1991

Harry L. Swinney (University of Texas, Austin) 1984

Piero Villaggio (Pisa, Italy) 1983

Chao-Cheng Wang (Rice University) 1972

William O. Williams (Carnegie Mellon University) 1986