Kielan Crow B.S. ’13, M.Eng ’14

March 20, 2015

Kielan Crow B.S. ’13, M.Eng ’14 

Kielan Crow loves his job. As an Associate Mechanical Engineer for GoPro as a member of the Accessories team, he gets to take ideas from scratch and turn them into something we see on the shelves.

His interest in Mechanical Engineering started in high school, where his favorite subjects were physics and metal shop. He originally wanted to become an architect, but after hearing his brother-in-law speak about his job as a product designer for Apple he knew mechanical engineering would be a better fit for him. He wanted to design and prototype novel products.

He interned at GoPro for three months before being offered a full-time job. It was the first time the company offered an internship program, and Kielan took full advantage of the opportunity – soaking in as much knowledge as he could and connecting with as many people as possible before his time was up. He credits the application-based coursework of Senior Design here at Hopkins with providing him the tools to work effectively and productively with a team.

Kielan’s job can call for some long hours at work, but being a fit with GoPro’s company culture goes a long way. Having like-minded people surrounding him makes even the longest day enjoyable, knowing that everyone is working toward the same goal – bringing products to passionate people and helping them share their stories.

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