Ed Wood, B.S. ’05

February 12, 2014

Design is, by nature, a creative endeavor and mechanical engineers have the unique opportunity to apply their creativity to engineering problems of all shapes and sizes.

Ed Wood, JHU MechE BS 2005 knows all about applying creativity to an array of engineering challenges. After several years in the medical device industry, Ed realized his desire to invent. He went back to school – Stanford – for a master’s degree in Product Design. While at Stanford, he and electrical engineer Andrew Murphy met and started tinkering and building “stuff,” as Ed says. Word spread about their “stuff” and soon they received requests to build specific design solutions, among them a motorized chair for a local hospital. Ever increasing requests for work inspired Ed and Andrew to launch their own business.

“Monkey Wrench Design” has grown to a five-engineer operation, designing toys, appliances, furniture, and automated equipment and providing electromechanical engineering and prototyping services in their machine shop. Ed and his friend, Mac, pictured here invite you to take a look at their “stuff” at www.monkeywrenchdesign.com. Drop Ed a line and he will be happy to share more about his experiences as an engineering entrepreneur.

This is Johns Hopkins Mechanical Engineering at work!

Ed Wood MS 2005 and his pal, Mac.

Ed Wood MS 2005 and his pal, Mac.

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