Despite highly publicized advances in genomics and proteomics, the promise of non-invasive diagnostics and personalized medicine remains largely unrealized. Recently, comprehensive determination of genetic and epigenetic aberrations has become a major activity in cancer research since it is well understood that these aberrations provide clues to the process of disease pathogenesis. These aberrations can be used as surrogate biomarkers for detecting diseases including cancer at early, potentially curable stages, and for monitoring disease progression and treatment response. We focus on the development of new technologies using innovations in micro and nano engineering to advance genetic and epigenetic biomarkers detection for management of diseases.

Quantum Dots for Genetic and Epigenetic Detection of Cancer

Single Molecule Analysis of Genomic Content

All-in-One Microfluidic Diagnostics: Sample Preparation, Target Detection and Integration

Droplet Microfluidics for High-Resolution and High-Throughput Screening