Welcome, Freshmen and Transfer Students!


Updated August 19, 2020

Welcome to the Johns Hopkins University and the Department of Mechanical Engineering! We look forward to meeting you at our New Student Orientation for Freshmen and Transfer Students on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.  

View this important information…

  • Please view these websites for information:

  • Facebook
    Check out and “like” the Mechanical Engineering Facebook page!
  • Check out this welcome letter and other useful information from our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Steven Marra, the instructor for EN.530.107 MechE Undergraduate Seminar, EN.530.111 Intro to MechE Design and CAD, and EN.530.115 MechE Freshman Lab I.

  • Take the Undergraduate Advising Manual Quiz Challenge! You could win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards!


    Visit the Undergraduate Advising Manual Quiz Challenge and answer the questions. Answers can be found in our Undergraduate Advising Manual.


    Quizzes with all correct answers will be entered into a drawing for the Gift Cards to be awarded at the Freshman Orientation on Wednesday, August 19. If no one answers all questions correctly, those whose quizzes have the most correct answers will be entered in the drawing.


    Don’t delay! Play today and have fun!

  • You may have noticed that older online advising manuals refer to an “Introduction to Materials Chemistry” course.  This course is no longer offered.

    Please register for the course 030.101 Introductory Chemistry.  This course will fulfill the intro to chemistry requirement.

    Neither the Mechanical Engineering nor Engineering Mechanics degrees require the Intro to Chemistry Lab, so it is not necessary to take the lab section of the course.

  • The Mechanical Engineering department recommends PCs over Macs.  This is because many of the software programs used in our curriculum will only run on the Windows operating system. Mac users would have to create workarounds for some programs, usually partitioning their hard drives, which can create other problems.

    Our alumni recommend these attributes for your computer:

    • RAM: at least 8 GB and preferably 16 GB
    • Hard drive: Solid-state hard drive (SSD) with at least 512 GB
    • Video card: A dedicated graphics card (e.g. NVIDIA GTX) is better than an integrated card, especially for CAD work
    • Monitor: A 13-inch screen is fine, and a large second monitor for use at home is ideal
    • Mouse: You must have a wireless mouse for CAD work

    The University offers a discount student rate for laptops and other hardware.

    Suggested software:

    • Microsoft Office or an Open Office equivalent.
    • Solidworks
    • Matlab – you can download a free copy from the University.

    Visit the JHU Mechanical Engineering “Top 12 – Undergraduate” page’s section on Computing and select the “Computers and Software” tab for info on this software.

Contact Academic Program Manager, Mr. Mike Bernard at me-academic@jhu.edu.  Also, Zoom office hours will be periodically created. If you or your family would like to have an individual Zoom meeting, contact Mike to schedule one.

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