Secondary and Joint Appointments

Gregory L. Eyink, Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Research interests: Mathematical physics, fluid mechanics, turbulence, dynamical systems, partial differential equations, nonequilibrium statistical physics, geophysics and climate.


Michael Falk, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Research interests: Computational Materials Science, Structural Materials, and Optoelectronic & Magnetic Materials


Somnath Ghosh, Professor, Civil and Systems Engineering
Research Interests
: Computational mechanics, mechanics of materials; multi-scale modeling of failure in metals, composites and polymers, mulit-physics problems including electromagnetics, biomaterials and design of bio-implant and prosthetics.


Lori Graham-Brady, Professor, Civil and Systems Engineering
Research Interests: Stochastic finite element methods, probabilistic mechanics, stochastic simulation of material properties, micromechanics.


Gregory Hager, Professor, Computer Science and Founding Director of the Malone Institute for Engineering in Healthcare
Research Interests: Computer Vision; Robotics; Medical Robotics; Human-Machine Systems


Todd Hufnagel, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Research interests: X-ray scattering, metallic glasses, mechanical properties of materials, phase transformations, electron microscopy.


Robert Ivkov, Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences
Research Interests: Development, characterization, and use of nanomaterials to target cancer; Selective heating with magnetic nanoparticles.


Enrique Mallada, Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Research interests: Networked dynamics and distributed systems; power networks.


Cynthia Moss, Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences 
Research Interests: Current research projects focus on mechanisms of sensorimotor integration, scene perception, spatial attention, and memory.


Daniel Naiman, Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Research interests: Statistics, computational probability, bioinformatics.


Harihar Rajaram, Professor, Environmental Health and Engineering
Research interests: Fluid mechanics and transport phenomena in earth and environmental systems.


Alexander Spector, Research Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: Computational models of cell mechanics (electromechanics) and biophysics.


Daniel Stoianovici, Associate Professor, Urology
Research Interests: Surgical robotics; design, manufacturing, and control of robots for direct image-guided intervention (DIGI); computer-controlled manufacturing and software development for image-guided navigation.


Russell Taylor, Professor, Computer Science
Research interests: Medical robotics;Medical imaging & modeling; complete systems for surgical assistance, image-guided surgery.


Nitish Thakor, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: MEMS techniques for neuro chips, neural devices, neuroimaging.


Rene Vidal, Herschel L. Seder Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: Biomedical image analysis; computer vision; machine learning; medical robotics; signal processing.


Timothy Weihs, Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Research Interests:
Exothermic phase transformations and reactive materials; mechanical behavior of metals, intermetallics, and biomaterials; micro and nanomechanical testing; mechanical testing of teeth using nanoindentation; Thin film deposition and characterization.


June Wicks, Assistant Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Research Interests:  Planetary interiors and evolution; building equation of state and phase diagram models of matter at extreme conditions; kinetics of phase transitions at extreme conditions.

Kate Youmans, Lecturer, Civil and Systems Engineering


Feng Zhu, Associate Research Professor, HEMI

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