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On this page, you’ll find links, forms, and other helpful information about MechE research laboratories. The resources below are provided to promote best practices and to help set clear expectations for laboratory activities and management.


  • Laboratory waste (contaminated glass, rigid plastic, autoclaved waste, and other solid materials) must be discarded into an approved red bag-lined biohazard box, pictured to the left.

    Each biohazard box must be lined with a red bag.

    The red bag liner must never be removed from the box and is always discarded with the box.



    1.1 – Large Waste Removal

    Q. I need to dispose of something that will not fit into a trash can (example: wood pallet). How should I proceed?

    1. Fill out a Waste Pickup Request in the Maximo System.
    2. Visit
    3. Select: Type of Request > Page 2 (at bottom right) > Waste Removal
    4. Label “waste” clearly somewhere on the item and photograph your item.
    5. Fill out the necessary fields, including location and description. Attach photo.
    6. It’s helpful to take a photograph of the item so Waste Pickup knows what it is, and where it is.
    7. Example: wood pallet leaned against the wall in the hallway.
    8. Waste Pickup will come pick the item up.

    1.2 – Biohazard Bins

    Q. Where do I obtain biohazard bins? 

    1. Place a facilities request ticket using the Maximo System here:
    2. Select: “Request Recycling.”
    3. Enter your information. When asked for “Type of Request,” select “Biohazard Supplies Delivery.”
    4. Enter your lab location and indicate that the bins can be left in the hallway outside your lab.
    5. You should receive the boxes within a week, including an email confirmation that the boxes have been delivered.


    Q. How do I assemble the biohazard bins? 

    1. Assemble the cardboard box using packing tape to secure the bottom.
    2. Place the red biohazard waste bag in box to line it for disposing biohazard waste.


    Q. How do I dispose of the biohazard bins? 

    1. When full ¾ or so (not too full so that it cannot be tied), tie bag in secure knot and tape over the knot with packing tape.
    2. Close the box and tape the box securely with packing tape.
    3. Write your name, your phone number, and the lab name clearly on the top of the biohazard box.
    4. Place the box, sealed, taped, and labeled as described, in the hallway outside the lab. Custodial services will alert the correct personnel to come pick it up when they see the box.

    *For more information, please see the Health, Safety, and the Environment policy on Laboratory Waste Disposal. 

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