Recent PhD Dissertations

Dissertation Defense 2

M. Kendal Ackerman
Design and Calibration of Robotic Systems with Applications in Cooperative Repair and Ultrasound Calibration

Mustafa “Mert” Ankarali
Variability, Symmetry, and Dynamics in Human Rhythmic Motor Control

Suman Dasgupta
Tailoring the Mechanical Behavior of Nanocrystaline Thin Films with Alloying and Heat Treatments

Neha Dixit
A Mechanism Based Investigation of the Dynamic Behavior of Pure Magnesium

Xingchi He
Force Sensing Augmented Robotic Assistance for Retinal Microsurgery

Ahmed Hussein
Dislocation Microstructure and Surface Roughness Evolution in Single and Multi-Phase Microcrystals

Barbara Murienne
Glycosaminoglycan Contribution to the Structure-Mechanical Properties of the Posterior Sclera

Fangwei Si
Organization of Bacterial Cell Division Ring, and Bacterial Morphology and Growth Under Mechanical Compression

Adam Sierakowski
Numerical Simulation of Disperse Particle Flow on a Graphics Processing Unit

Adrien Thormann
Wind Tunnel Studies of Decay and Spatial Diffusion of Turbulence

Claire VerHulst
Large Eddy Simulation and Analysis of Kinetic Energy Entrainment in Large Wind Farms

Binwei Zhang
Experimental Characterization of Thermal Barrier Coatings Using Micro-scale Bending Techniques

Tze-Yuan Cheng
Improving Quantitative Infrared Imaging for Medical Diagnostic Applications

Alican Demir
Bio-Inspired Antennal Tactile Sensing

Adam Fournier
An Experimental Model for Traumatic Axonal Injury Based on Cytoskeletal Evolution

Ryan Murphy
Analysis and Control of a Variable-Curvature Continuum Manipulator for the Treatment of Osteolysis

Aditya Nayak
Flow and Turbulence Over a Rippled Seabed and Biophysical Interactions in the Inner Part of the Coastal Bottom Boundary Layer

Shahin Sefati
Modeling Complex Biological and Mechanical Movements: Applications to Animal Locomotion and Gesture Classification in Robotic Surgery

David Tan
Common Features in the Structure of Tip Leakage Flows

Andrew Tonge
A Unified Framework, Which Uses Multi-Scale Microstructure Information for Modeling Dynamic Failure in Brittle Materials

Theresa Koys Tonge
Micro-Mechanical Approaches for the Hierarchical Modeling of Soft Biological Tissues

Vijay Vedula
Image Based Computational Modeling of Intracardiac Flows

Justin Wilkerson
Multiscale Mechanics of Failure in Extreme Environments

Rui Xiao
Thermomechanics of Amorphous Polymers and its Application to Shape Memory

Chao Zhang
Mechanisms for Aerodynamic Force Generation and Flight Stability for Insects

Leen Alawieh
Multiscale Modeling of Reactive Ni/Al Nanolaminates

Kunlun Bai
Turbulent Flows Generated by Multi-Scale Structures – From a Fractal Tree to a Fractal Canopy

Ehsan Basafa
Computer-Assisted Femoral Augmentation For Osteoporotic Hip Fracture Prevention

Cynthia Byer
The Deformation Mechanisms and Size Effects of Single-Crystal Magnesium

Baptiste Coudrillier
Biomechanical Properties and Microstructure of the Normal and Glaucoma Human Sclera

Tricia Gibo
Control and Learning of Dynamics in Human Movement

Jason Graham
Turbulence Simulations:  Multiscale Modeling and Data-Intensive Computing Methodologies

Pranav Joshi
The Effect of Mean and Fluctuating Pressure Gradients on Boundary Layer Turbulence

Chunwoo Kim
Image Guided Robots for Urology

Manu Madhav
Nonlinear Features of Sensory Interference and their Behavioral Relevance in Weakly Electric Fish

Christopher “Topher” McFarland
Adaptive Identification and Control for Underwater Vehicles:  Theory and Comparative Experimental Evaluations

Giancarlo Troni
Advances in Precision Navigation of Underwater Vehicles

Yan Yan
Geometric Motion Planning Methods for Robotics and Biological Crystallography

Osman Yogurtcu
Computational Mechanobiology of Filamentous Proteins:  Alpha-Helical Coiled Coils and F-Actin


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