Undergraduate Majors

As one of this nation’s premier universities, Johns Hopkins provides outstanding students with an exceptional education through instruction by world-class faculty and access to cutting-edge research.

Personal one-on-one advising allows our students to develop close relationships with our faculty. Our students join other outstanding, motivated, and professionally oriented colleagues with whom they study and work.

The Mechanical Engineering Department at Johns Hopkins offers two majors:

Mechanical Engineering

This major is ideal for students seeking careers in industry as well as further study in graduate school. Mechanical Engineering places more emphasis on professional preparation than the Engineering Mechanics program.

Engineering Mechanics

This program is particularly suited for students interested in double-majoring or going on to professional school. It offers greater flexibility for students who wish to target specific disciplines (such as the interface between fields).

Both majors have a strong emphasis on the fundamental principles which will serve the students throughout their careers. Each curriculum exposes students to hands-on experience through laboratory work and design projects.

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