Hiring: Research Assistant in Experimental Fluid Dynamics

September 4, 2018

Graduate/Undergraduate Research Assistant Position– Fall 2018

The Johns Hopkins Laboratory for Experimental Fluid Dynamics in the department of mechanical engineering is seeking a highly motivated research assistant to contribute to the research in turbulent boundary layer over surface roughness. The assistant’s primary role is to accelerate hologram processing algorithms (currently written in MATLAB) via C/C++ as well as GPU computing. The algorithms are used to extract the 3D velocity field from the holograms taken in the experiments. Candidates are expected to be proficiency in MATLAB and C/C++, have strong coding abilities, and know digital image processing techniques. The assistant will work closely with postdocs and graduate students in the laboratory. Through the work, the assistant will learn the working principle of tomographic holography, apply the coding skills learned in class to real-world problems, and gain substantial research/lab experience. For interested candidates, please send inquiry emails to: Jian Gao at 

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