Call for Members: MechE Diversity and Inclusion Committee

October 19, 2020

The Mechanical Engineering Diversity and Inclusion Committee advocates for the continued development of a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for all members of the mechanical engineering department. The committee aims to foster dialogue and discussion within the department and to advise departmental administrators on goals, strategies, policy, and action plans regarding matters of diversity, inclusion, and equity.*

Towards this mission, the department is soliciting self-nominations for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and staff members to join the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Members are expected to participate in monthly, hour-long committee meetings and serve on subcommittees on specific issues as needed.

To nominate yourself, please email Deana Santoni ( the following information by November 1, 2020:

1) Name

2) Email address

3) Position within the mechanical engineering department

4) A short paragraph description of what you would like to accomplish as a committee member.

*1. Diversity is the representation of the different identities and perspectives in the department that is reflective of society

2. Inclusion is the creation of an environment that invites and values the contribution of all members of the department

3. Equity is the fair treatment and equal access to opportunities, information, and resources for all members of the department.

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