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  • musc_logoWhat does MUSC do?
    MUSC enables communication between undergraduate students and the faculty. The Council meets several times a year to discuss issues such as the way courses are taught, availability of courses, advising, and department support.

    Student representatives are elected by their colleagues during the Fall semester. The minutes from MUSC meetings are distributed to faculty, and the issues presented by the students are brought up for discussion and action at faculty meetings.

    The purpose of the Mechanical Engineering Student Council (MUSC) is to engage undergraduate mechanical engineering students in constructive forum so as to ensure that their academic experience is fulfilling and prepares them to enter the professional realm or continue further in academia.

    As a council composed of undergraduate students representing each graduating class, we aim to create an open channel of discussion for students to voice their concerns with regards to the curriculum, teaching methods, and career opportunities.

    We will work to represent the mechanical engineering undergraduate student body to foster cross-level engagement within the department.

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    2018-2019 Student Representatives
    Marcos Schwartz ’19 Dan Zanko ’19
    Emily Maheras ’20 Gun Ho Ro ’20
    Valerie Henderson ’21 Brandon Fremin ’21
    Alyse Tran ’22 Jack Albin ’22
    • Prof. Steven Marra, Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • Mike Bernard, Academic Program Manager
  • MEGA is the organization representing the general interests of and facilitating interaction among the graduate students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.All graduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are automatically members of MEGA . No applications, membership fees, or other actions are required to join. All Mechanical Engineering graduate students are welcome to participate in any and all MEGA events.

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  • PTS LogoThe Tau Alpha chapter of Pi Tau Sigma, the international honor society for mechanical engineers, holds semiannual initiations near the end of Fall and Spring semesters.

    Pi Tau Sigma, founded in 1915, recognizes junior and senior students in a mechanical engineering curriculum on the basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship, and personality.

    Johns Hopkins Tau Alpha has been an active chapter since May 1949.


    2018-19 Officers

    President…………….Amy Chi ’19
    Vice-President…….Maria Coleman ’19
    Secretary……………..Alex Doran ’19
    Advisor………………..Prof. Gretar Tryggvason



    President Justin Kang ’18, Vice President Michael Pozin ’18, and Secretary Gabe Maymon ’18 welcomed new members(*), all who met the standard of educational excellence required of Pi Tau Sigma members.

    Pictured (left to right): , Justin Kang ’18, Gabe Maymon ’18, Michael Pozin ’18, Jeffrey Goldsmith ’18*, Sharon Maguire ’18*, Zhiyi Ren ’19*, Garrett Ung ’19*, Maria Coleman ’19*, and Jan Hagemeister ’18*

    Not pictured: Magdelene Koo ’18, Jesse Miller ’18, Emily Palmer ’18, Rachel Rex ’18, and Faculty Advisor, Soraya Bailey.

    Spring 2017 Induction

    Pi Tau Sigma - Spring 2017


    President Clara Aranguren ’17 and Secretary Blaine Miller ’17 welcomed new members(*), all who met the standard of educational excellence required of Pi Tau Sigma members.

    Pictured (left to right): Justin Kang ’18, Blaine Miller ’17, Clara Aranguren ’17, Matt Brandes ’18*, Gabe Maymon ’18*, Michael Pozin ’18*, Andrew Colombo ’18*, and Neil McCarter ’18*

    Not pictured: Elijah Baum ’17, Austin Bridges ’17, Amanda Canezin ’17, Dan Dembner ’17, David Dominguez ’17, Anna Goodridge ’17, Magdelene Koo ’18, Erez Krimsky ’17, Miles McKey ’17, Jesse Miller ’18, Emily Palmer ’18, Rachel Rex ’18, and Faculty Advisor, Noah Cowan.


    View past induction photos.

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