PhD students Anu Kaushik and Alex Trick win 2017 Video Award Competition at MicroTAS Conference

November 6, 2017

PhD students Anu Kaushik (Mechanical Engineering) and Alex Trick (Biomedical Engineering) from Professor Jeff Wang’s group won the 2017 Video Award Competition at the 21st International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2017) in Savannah, GA. MicroTAS is the flagship international conference for microfluidics and nanotechnology applied to life sciences and chemistry. The annual Video Award Competition aims to recognize short videos that are scientifically or educationally focused that are also fun, artistic, or surprising. An international panel of judges assessed all video submissions to the conference and selected the video made by Anu and Alex as the overall winner.

Anu and Alex made a rap parody music video to describe their work on droplet microfluidics for single-cell analysis. Droplet microfluidics is an emerging technology for processing liquid samples in microliter to picoliter volumes for high throughput analysis. In their video, Anu and Alex focus on using droplets to discretize cells from tissue samples in order to achieve faster detection, increased signal to noise ratio, and analyze cellular heterogeneity.

Watch their award-winning video now:

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